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In the last decade, women’s wrestling has reached heights beyond what was thought possible at one point. Women have main evented Wrestlemania, fought five-star matches, and oftentimes get the loudest pops of the night. Long gone are the days of the women's matches being a quick piss-break before the real action starts. Because main event-calibur women talent was so rare, women talent with unique gimmicks were like gold dust. Wrestlers like Chyna, Daffney and Bull Nakano managed to break the barriers put in front of them by the industry’s reputation with their gender, yet Western audiences were only introduced to unique women’s gimmicks once in a blue moon. That’s where All Elite Wrestling steps in (again) to make pro wrestling great again. 


Photo credit: @WrestlingNews

Billed from “The Black Hill”' and weighing “1000 lost souls,” the living dead girl known as Abadon made her AEW debut on an episode of Dark in early 2020, crawling to the ring on all fours with blood pouring from her mouth. Despite losing to Hikaru Shida in a rather quick match, the impact Abadon made with attendance that night was indisputable. The head cocking, the screaming, the staring… Everything that Abadon did that night was memorable.


She’s only gotten more memorable in recent months, entering and debuting a new look at the Women’s Casino Battle Royal at All Out 2021, dedicating herself even more to the gimmick, while receiving one of the loudest reactions of the entire match. 


Abadon is able to stand out from the rest of the AEW roster solely because of her character. In a company that produces believable babyfaces, despicable heels and relatable storylines, Abadon, in contrast, is an outlier. You don’t want to cheer her because she’s usually going up against the good guys, but you don’t want to boo her because she’s just so damn cool. What’s more badass than an undead zombie lady kicking everyone’s ass? Not many things.

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