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All About Me

I've always consumed media on the obscure edges of pop culture. As a child, I chose Freddy Krueger over Spiderman. I preferred Slipknot and Cannibal Corpse over whatever was on the radio. Despite having a misfit taste, I always managed to get along well with others and communicate clearly and articulately. I'm of the philosophy that just because someone enjoys playing violent video games, doesn't mean they're prone to unleash nuclear terror on the world.

When I was four-years old, my parents enrolled me in a karate school and, as of writing this, I have a third-degree black belt in Shotokan. For seven years, I worked as a martial-arts instructor, helping children, teens and adults reach their peak physical potential, while maintaining a friend-like rapport with each student and and building their confidence and self esteem. I figured that since I was so self-assured with my oral communication skills due to years of experience, it couldn't hurt trying my hand at written communication.


I graduated from the University of Guelph-Humber's media studies program with an emphasis on journalism in 2021, finishing on the school's Honours List. I discovered my passion for writing while in university, and have had the incredible opportunity to have a number of articles published in school newspapers and magazines. I was also fortunate enough to act as managing editor for EMERGE Magazine and content editor for FANIQUE Magazine. Now that I've graduated, I'm thrilled at the prospect of merging my passion for writing with my passion for pop-culture.

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