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Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic changing the world as we knew it, I interviewed faculty at the University of Guelph-Humber, as well as students to see how the school would react, should an outbreak occur on campus.

A multimedia piece outlining the life of drug addict turned sober coach, David Rosenberg.


A collaborative piece between myself and four other young journalists, I interviewed bartender Sean Jackson on how to best enjoy a draft beer.

An investigative look in to the inconsistent rules and penalties for smoking at the University of Guelph-Humber's campus.


At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, I interviewed students and mental health experts for their input on how to stay grounded during such an uncertain time.

As well as overseeing and coordinating content in the magazine, I wrote two articles for EMERGE. I interviewed heavy metal journalist, Bradley Zorgdrager and skateboarding photographer, Daniel Pollicelli on how they merged their passion with their careers (pages 14-17). I also wrote a personal essay on why I wanted to become a journalist (pages 48-49).

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Each day for the month of October, I catalogue the careers and history of some of the most iconic, scary (or not so scary) professional wrestlers to ever lace up a pair of boots.

In an article produced by pure nostalgia, I list the 10 articles of clothing you most definitely saw during heavy metal's most controversial era.


My preview for Game Changer Wrestling's sixth annual ultra-violent deathmatch tournament, featuring Alex Colon, Atticus Cogar and more.

Part one of my "History of Deathmatch Wrestling" series for Pro Wrestling Post.


My review for Game Changer Wrestling's sixth annual Nick Gage Invitational, an ultraviolent deathmatch tournament featuring some of North America's most violent wrestlers and stipulations.

Part two of my "History of Deathmatch Wrestling" series for Pro Wrestling Post.


My preview for TNT Extreme Wrestling's 2021 Cold Day In Hell event, featuring Soner Durson, Adam Maxted and more.

My preview for TNT IGNition's 2021 High Voltage event, featuring Simon Miller, Kameron Solas and more.


Part three of my "History of Deathmatch Wrestling" series for Pro Wrestling Post.

My preview for Game Changer Wrestling's So High event, featuring Effy, Sadika and more.


My preview for Game Changer Wrestling's So Alive event, featuring Fuego Del Sol, Thunder Rosa and more.

My profile on one of deathmatch wrestling's most universally beloved performers, "Sick" Nick Mondo.


My preview for Game Changer Wrestling's "Blood On The Hills" event featuring The Briscoes, Matt Cardona and more.

My preview for Game Changer Wrestling's "Til Infinity" event featuring G-Raver, Jordan Oliver and more.

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