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I’m going to have to be careful with this entry based on the subject at hand. I do not want to anger Danhausen. He is very, very evil. Very nice, but VERY evil.


Danhausen has been gradually winning the internet wrestling community over since 2013, thanks to his incredible dedication to his gimmick. With a face painted in black and white, an infectious smile and a jar of human teeth always by his side, Danhausen has conveyed to the wrestling world that you don’t need to swear or throw up the middle finger to be evil… Quite the contrary! No swearing! Danhausen openly shares his distaste for such immature acts, while relishing in acts that are truly devilish. Whether it’s stealing Micro Brawlers from Pro Wrestling Tees or carrying around sacks of money, Danhausen’s plans for world domination involve him only committing the evilest of acts. 


Photo credit: YT - Loser Leaves Wrestling

Weighing “at least 300-pounds,” hailing from “someplace far away” and having been around since “1932,” Danhausen now resides in Ring of Honor Wrestling where his squadron of “fanhausens” eagerly wait for the moment he arrives to the arena, accompanied by evil, old-timey circus music. Dare any opponent get on his bad side, or else they may be victim to a force-feeding of human teeth!


In an article with Paste Magazine, Danhausen told readers that his favourite thing about being evil is that he can do whatever he wants. “You just have to be very nice, though. You have to mix it in very nice. That way people will throw you the sacks of money,” Danhausen said.


What do these sacks of money go toward, you may ask? Toys, of course. Danhausen has an incredible collection of superhero, horror, wrestling and comic book memorabilia he very diabolically displays as the backdrop of his Youtube channel of over 30,000 subscribers. As well as villainous vlogs and wicked interviews, Danhausen has made his evil presence among the wrestling community known, even among those who don’t regularly watch Ring of Honor. 


If you’re still confused, imagine The Joker meets Zorak. Don’t think too much about it. Danhausen doesn’t need your consideration. For when his evil plans come to fruition, you’ll be eating teeth out of a jar and filling up his swimming pool with hundred-dollar bills. Very nice, very evil. Love that Danhausen.

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